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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A message for those who live in the spirit?

The spirit like arches reaching to heaven inspire!
This entry is a departure from the main emphasis of this blog. I have been doing a lot of reaching out and have found that many of you, especially those in health care related fields, have a strong spiritual focus to your lives. So, I wanted to reach out and touch you with the understanding that I have gained as I have traveled this path called life. I hope you enjoy this if you would like to discover more of my writings on this subject please let me know and I will retrieve writings from the archive of my spiritual diary for your reading.

One does not need to follow anyone else’s personal doctrines or beliefs to find the truth. It just takes some serious critical thinking. The first question anyone should ask is why. This will set the path before us for the beginning of our journey in the acquisition of acquiring truth and knowledge. It is possible to find the truth by searching for the questions that are fond in our minds and unlocking the answer by thinking as objectively as possible.
If a person finds something that they believe to be true is in fact true that knowledge can be polished with the brilliance of wisdom. However, it is hard for most people to strip their minds naked from the presuppositions and influences that are all around us. Ask honest questions.
Many times these are hardest to ask and sometimes even harder to answer. Finding the answers to these questions is the key that unlocks the power that will deliver one from ignorance. Many times the answers can be found in nature or relationships with the experiences found in everyday life all around us. Listening needs to be fine tuned. An ability to focus at the infinite atomic level as well as the infinite universal level is critical in acquiring understanding. In other words, the ability to see the minutest details as well as the big picture with whatever content that lies in between. Then it may be understood that the infinitely small and the infinitely large are not different but the same.
In our world at this time there are forces at every level, spiritual and physical, creating or annihilating. Make of it what you will but denying it is foolishness. The physical and the spiritual, the mind and the body, are united as one by a bond that is stronger than any that can be explained or demonstrated by science. The psychics of this bond are unknowable, inseparable and universal. 
When the physical expires the spiritual is the prize to be had. To put it bluntly and plainly is that the spirit is the life force. The spirit and the life source they are synonymous, one and the same. To focus on the physical without the awareness of the spiritual is an ignorance that will be the cause for the destruction of both the soul and body. Without this understanding both will perish forever. For the soul within us can only exist with and by the marriage of the spirit with the flesh. Because of this reality it is essential to understand the relationship of the body, spirit and soul in order to preserve the life and the mind beyond the dust of the grave. This makes it imperative to find and understand the value of the spirit in order to survive the emanate separation of the spirit from the physical body.
Knowledge and understanding is only possible in the unification of the spirit with the flesh. Life is in the spirit. It activates the body and the mind. The body without the spirit does not have life within it. Without the spirit the body is void of life. There can be no consciousness, awareness, intellect, mental facilities or functions in process. There can be no mind without the unification of the spirit with the body.
 If the mind is focused on the flesh the mind will neglect the things of the spirit. Then there will be nothing of the mind except that it will cling only to what it knows and that is the flesh. It will perish with the flesh because that is the only life the mind knows or ever has known. The soul will cling to the flesh because of the fear of the loss of the only life the mind has ever known or experienced. With the lack of the knowledge of the spirit the mind will be in darkness and not able to see that the spirit is offering the soul a place of refuge from the grave. In this condition the soul will not be able to set itself free from the flesh. It will be dragged kicking and screaming into the grave along with the body forever.
It is better to find our life in the spirit and focus on that life so when the time comes for the flesh to fall into the ground from which it came, the mind will release itself from the entanglements of the flesh without fear and be set free from it to join the new life of the spirit.  The flesh is corrupted. In everyday terms we should understand that we, all of us in humanity are terminally ill.  
  When these urges are fulfilled it deadens the mind to the presence of the spirit. This is what is typically known as the mind of the flesh.
It is the mind that becomes perverted with these natural urges and desires of the flesh. The proper order of life is that the spirit controls the mind and thus the mind controls the flesh. However these principles are no longer in their proper order. The idea that any person is able to control all the urgings of the flesh without the proper order of spiritual physics is erroneous. The fact is that there are forces at work in our world that are striving to keep humanity in ignorance of these truths. For the most part humanity is unaware of this and therefore people perish for the lack of knowledge. The question that must be asked is why this is happening and who or what is doing this to us and for what purpose.     
But as a very wise man once said; I do not the things that I want to do and I do the things that I want to do not. If you find yourself involved in this struggle do not fear you find yourself in good company. For if you did not have this struggle within your mind and body you would perish never knowing the difference and with no hope of immortality. It is this struggle that gives us an assurance that the spirit is working in our soul. It seeks to separate us from the flesh in order to preserve our souls for eternity. For if one clings to the flesh then your essence, your soul, the thing that makes you, “you”, will perish along with it. As long as we live we posses the most valuable thing that there is in the universe or ever will be now and forever. That thing is eternal possession of the spirit and our souls in new spiritual bodies’ not fleshly ones. We will be in form in the similitude of angels.
Now before I go any further I am absolutely not advocating that anyone go live in a cave somewhere or become monk or a priest or fast until they die or light themselves on fire. Life is the most valuable thing that has ever been bestowed upon a person. It is not something to be denigrated or snuffed out it is something to be valued above all other things. As long as you posses it you are rich beyond your wildest dreams and that is something of which we should always be aware. For the end of the matter is that this is after all what all men and women are striving for above all other things.
How we manipulate our life is up to us. Do we what we will however we will but, let us remember that no person truly is an island unto himself. We have friends, relatives, neighbors and like a pebble dropped in the water so our lives’ create eternal ripples in the water of life. Go get a handful of pebbles and toss them in to a calm pond and see what the effect is. This letter is my pebble; another person may use other means that may cause ripples in the water of life. But the essential and most important wave in this water is the ripple of truth for with it we drown or save ourselves and others. 
We are all each a pebble in the palm of life. So we should always strive to treat others the way we would want to be treated. Every ripple in the waters of our lives affects us as well as others around us either causing benefit or harm. Be kind, patient, loving, generous, and make our life, our personality a rose in the garden of life not a thorn to prick and grieve others.
Whatever we believe to be right, follow that without the arrogance of thinking that we can never be wrong. As we grow, as we live, we will see knowledge and wisdom unfold to us over time and sometimes a light will go on and we will know that what we once thought or believed may not be so. But, until one finds that they are wrong they must hold their position and believe in themselves. We must be patient with others.
In those times when we find that our strongly held belief or idea was wrong and, if we live long enough we will have this experience in our life. We must remember that the hat we may have to eat may be as big as the ripple we make. That may be a meal that is eaten that was is bigger than anticipated or wanted.
May we all be patient and diligent and let not any outside influences or fear cloud our judgment. May we see clearly and move boldly in regard to the truths that we find. That is my prayer for me and for all of my brothers and sisters.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How health care works in Canada

Check this out a real live demonstration of socialized health care, is this what we want in the USA. Government controlled health care is more expensive than privately run health care. Government run health care makes the schism between the rich and the poor even wider as is demonstrated with the actual events in this video.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What is ANSI 5010?

ANSI 5010 is the new version of HIPAA transaction standards that regulates the electronic transmission of health care transactions.The 5010 standards will replace the existing 4010/4010A1 version of HIPAA. The ability to mine data becomes much easier when the data is electronic. The secondary use of data under the new HIPAA deidentification rules raises several ethical considerations, with privacy being at the top of the list. The new HIPPA law sets standards for the deidentification of personal health care records in a way that there is no legal reason for permission to be obtained from the patient.

The fact is that there is a huge market for identifiable data. There are numerous computer science studies have been able to tie "unidentifiable data" back to individuals. Personal health information under the new HIPAA law is unique enough to eliminate only 87% of the U.S. population. Couple that with with drill down to other public record data sources personal health records where easily and readily tied back to the individual. In one study conducted in the late 1990s by Latanya Sweeny, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, was able to pin unidentified health information back to William Weld the governor of Massachusetts.

A similar study was conducted by two University of Texas at Austin scientist in relation to deidentified information and it was determined that this information could in fact be reidentified. The study was discontinued after reaching an agreement with Federal Trade Commission investigators. Now if that doesn't send chills down your spine I don't know what will. The unauthorized release of personal health care information is a very big and very real risk under the new HIPAA deidentification guidelines. The key question is who determines accessibility and who makes the decision for what this information will be used for?
I appreciate feedback from my readers feel free to comment on any issues that may concern you.