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Saturday, January 12, 2013

What do a rock and gun have in common?

Are these not weapons as well as swords?
I went to the rifle range last week and when I went in to check and clear inspection of my weapons before entering the firing line I was bluntly and sarcastically informed by one of the the officers that there where no weapons on his range "only guns." I was so shocked by his attitude and what he said that I just said "oh!" The thing is that a bow and arrow is a weapon also a spear is a weapon and a sword is a weapon hell a sling and rock a can be a weapon if applied with skill. I'm amazed that we have reached such a point in this country that the word weapon is politically incorrect. I will tell you why I call my firearms weapons. When I was in basic training I made the mistake of calling my M-16 a gun and was informed of the misapplication of the term gun and to drive the fact home that my rifle was not a gun I hand to stand at attention in front of a telephone pole and for the rest of the day 8 hours.  I had to salute the pole and say as loud as I could "sir this is my rifle" and then lift it in the air over my head then order arms and grab my crotch and say "this is my gun." Now you do that over and over for several hours and believe me you will know the difference between a gun and a rifle. Rifle, weapon or gun I never thought that in America we would ever get the point where we are so politically correct that we had to make the distinction between these terms. They are interchangeable. Whether it is a bow & arrow, spear or a sling with a rock. All through the ages these tools have been used as weapons, to put food on the table, to protecting ones family or in times of war. It doesn't matter what you call it weapon, gun or rock they can and are all at one time or another been used for these purposes. So, you officer at the range. I don't where you got your facts but my drill instructor could clear up any misconceptions for you about the difference between what a gun and a rifle is. So get over yourself you politically incompetent nincompoop!

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