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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Silence I kill you!

Rome unified its diverse empire through allegiance to the emperor. When the multiple beliefs of the empire begin to cause fractions within the empire Constantine unified them through a singular belief not only in the emperor but in religion too. This gave him complete control of Rome not only as the emperor but as the head of the one true so called faith. This was a stroke of genus on his part because he then was the head of the faith as well as the politic of Rome. Today society is reaching for the same unity but employing the impetus from the opposite end of the political spectrum that Constantine had employed and it is the stroke of genus for the party politic of our time. The new unification of the twenty first century is being applied to society by embracing the belief that all ideas and religions and politics hold equality of value. Through the auspices of diversification political powers are forming a powerful unification in today's society by causing a singular value to be placed on the diversification of beliefs regardless of the majority the minority or anything in between. Divaricating is the new unity. This societal subconsciously growing commission that the equality of values is becoming more accepted and concrete as the divergent masses of spiritual and political values become more  interlaced within the mass of society will cause a singularity of the consciousness of society. When exposed to the extreme wind of economic and political instability this concept will not be a well fitted structure for survival it will only increase finger pointing and animosity. There may be a genuine attempt at cohabitation for a while but when exposed to some horrific economic or political situation this idea will only cause greater instability. We are being told, taught and informed that we must embrace diversification of gender, race, beliefs, faiths, religions and ideas equally. This equality of diversification is a thin veil hiding a socially and insidiously evil force with the auspicious of doing good through the unification of political and religious divergence. This is being propagated in order to break down barriers that have held civilized peoples together for century's. Once this unified power is embraced by the masses it will in a single moment control all of the people with an iron fist. It is a political stroke of genus in this time. The idea of embracing the equality of value among the diverse religions and politics is indeed the unifying force in the social landscape of the world at this time. This new social unity is unfolding before us and it remains to be seen what the final ramifications will be. But for now this is what most people in the world are beginning to embrace including many Muslims. World unification under the guise of equality for all diverse ideas and beliefs holding not one above the other but holding all ideas and beliefs as of equal value even if we disagree is the most propagated idea of this generation. This is the new ideology that is being pumped into societies in the world today. There may be a short period where this will work well for a time. However it is like putting a bunch of snakes in a paper bag and hoping that even though they are all vipers of many different stripes that they will remain indifferent to each other forever. It is my prediction that they will not long tolerate each other and that thin veil of unity formed by embracing the equality of diversification will become a torturous environment for all. It can not last and it will not end well for any who embrace it. Embracing diversity creates unity especially when it is the preeminent paradigm. Rome eliminated diversity to create unity. The new social paradigm is embracing diversity to create unity. The salient is not how unity is created but that it is created. 

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