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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bulletproof your privacy

A company called MediCARD1 provides a personal health records, (PHR) account in which you have absolute control over whom, what and when your personal health information is accessed. No one can access your private PHR account unless you have given them authorization to access it. Once permission has been authorized to an individual or organization you will receive an email immediately after any authorized person logs off from accessing your account. The email will inform you of the date and time of access and who accessed your information and what they looked at while they accessed your information. There are many privacy and control innovations within the MediCARD1 system for your personal privacy. In fact there is so many that to include every innovation for the service that there is not nearly enough room or time for me to include everything in this one article. However if you will follow my blogs you will be able to read the articles that I publish weekly about such issues. For example HIPPA 5010 and what it really means and has it defeated the original intent and purpose of HIPPA. How MediCARD1 has automated ICD-10 and NDS Rx codes for point of contact payment. I will show health care providers not only how they can get their electronic medical record, (EMR) services for free but how to make money with them. These are just a few of the topics I address with my weekly blog series. Follow me on to get the latest out of the box thinking. The articles I published may shock you. I will show you what big business and the government are doing to make money from yours and your families’ personal health care records. Search Google for the Godulaztion of de-identification for a revealing look at how bad this process really is. There is huge cover up taking place and it is being very effectively managed. You can follow me here on or twitter me at!/ or find me at . Thanks everyone I love the discussion I always try to cram one article a week into my busy schedule. At MediCARD1 securing your personal privacy is of paramount concern. With a MediCARD1 personal account your privacy is bulletproofed. Till then be cool Bob RN, President and CEO of MediCARD1, Inc. MediCARD1 the private answer to the public option. To automatically be notified of my new articles as I post them enter your email in the FOLLOW BY EMAIL box and click submit.

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