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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alert, cut down your lemon trees before its to late!

"It's just like I told you they will never taste the poison"
Obama- Now you know that we can't have every Tom, Dick and Sally selling koolaid. You have to drink the government controlled koolaid. One, of course because it creates jobs. Uhm, like government koolaid inspectors and of course this koolaid is safer to drink because it has been inspected and all the added chemicals have been government approved so its safe to drink. He said with a big grin.

John Q Public- Does government koolaid have lemons it it?

Obama- Well, no lemons are organic and we have no control over organic processes so they must be eliminated as much as possible uhm, and they are harder to tax and costs way more to manufacture than government koolaid. So you can see that government koolaid is much better for you. So my question to you is is. Uhm, why would you want unsafe koolaid that not only costs more to manufacture and buy, but is harder to control and not nearly as safe to drink as the government koolaid?

JQP- But, I have a lemon tree in my back yard and I use it to make koolaid and it is the best koolaid in my neighborhood. Anyway, thats what everyone tells me. They say its way better than the government koolaid.

Obama- You have a lemon tree in your yard? Obama stated with a benign look of concern on his face.

JQP- Yes, just one but it produces lots of lemons every year way more than I can use for myself.

Obama- And whats your name? "JQP". I see and where do you live?

JQP- Lemon town.

Obama- Well, you do know that it is against the law to sell your lemon koolaid to the public?

JQP- Oh, I don't sell it I give it away to my friends and make it for church socials so the church doesn't have to spend any funds for liquid refreshments.

Obama- So your telling me that you are not purchasing the government koolaid for your church socials and for your friends? He said again with a concerned look on his face.

JQP- Well, yes why buy an inferior unnaturally chemically produced koolaid when I can get as much of the real koolaid as I want for free?

Obama- Well, you can't do that for several reasons. 1. Your koolaid has not been inspected and your koolaid can not be distributed to any one without being inspected for safety. 2. If you have a lemon tree in your back yard and you are using it for food consumption then it needs to be licensed and taxed. 3. Not everyone can get your koolaid. 4. Your koolaid is not being properly redistributed by the government so that it can be the shared and distributed equally in a way that is fair and equitable. 5. Do you have a license for your lemon tree?

JQP- No, I didn't know that I needed a license to have a lemon tree in my backyard its been there for years. JQP said with a look of confusion on his face.

Obama- Well then; I suggest you cut down the lemon tree in your back yard and stop selling your koolaid or you will be arrested and put in to prison!

JQP- Oh, I'm not selling my lemonade. I just share it with my friends and neighbors he stated as he happily smiled to president.          

Obama- Well that doesn't matter in any case because the government only issues permits for lemon trees to be grown by the big corporations that way we don't have to have lemon inspectors running all over the country trying to find just one unsafe lemon tree. You better cut yours down before the FBI, IRS or the police find it or you will be in serious trouble.

JQP- Are your serious?

Obama- Deadly serious. It may already be to late for you to cut down your lemon tree since you have admitted to having one in your backyard. I'm afraid your in some serious trouble. Not only will you be charged for unlawfully growing a lemon tree in your back yard without a permit but you will be charged for distribution of a dangerous substance and also be indicted and have to pay back all the tax revenue that the tree would have produced before it was cut down.

JQP- I told you I didn't sell any lemonade I gave it away, he said with fear in his voice.

Obama- Thats exactly my point. You gave it away and therefore you flooded the market with a highly toxic and dangerous organic compound as well as deprived the government from the tax revenue that not only you owe, but as well as all the koolaid that otherwise would have been received from all those folks who may have bought the government koolaid if you hadn't illegally distributed yours. I'm afraid there will be heavy IRS penalties for the taxes that not only you did not pay, but you will also be liable for all the taxes that were not paid for the koolaid that you distributed to your friends and neighbors who would have otherwise paid these taxes if they had purchased the government koolaid. Now exactly where do you live and who are your neighbors. We will need to question them to see if they drank any of the illegal substance. They to could face some of the same serious charges that you have just from drinking your non-government koolaid.  

JQP- I didn't know that this was the United States Of Russia? Are you telling me I can't grow anything in my own yard and do with it what I want? JPQ stated with anger and frustration in his voice.

Secret service- Arrest that person he can't say that to the president!

No freedom, no freedom of speech no freedom in your homes. Only the ability to conform to the socialist elite. The constitution is not being shredded it is being ignored by these socialistic elitists who receive their mandates from their masters. All politicians have been bought and payed for even before they are picked for the race. That's why there is only a two power party in this country because it is more easily manipulated and controlled and therefore so are the masses. The Democratic party and the Republican party are just an old married couple who can't seem to get along together because they are always arguing about stupid things.  

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